General Questions

Where are Olympus Guitars produced?
– Olympus Guitars are built in Greece.

How many instruments does the Olympus Custom Guitars workshop have the capacity to construct?
– Currently between fifteen and twenty handmade musical instruments a year.

Is there a specific philosophy in the construction of the instruments?
Yes, there is a specific philosophy, guidelines and rules for constructing a handmade guitar. The procedure allows for a unique, alternative instrument. There are both classic and original designs, in various calibers, of handmade electric guitar basses.

Does Olympus Custom Guitars maintain a brick and mortar store?
At this time we do not maintain a brick and mortar custom shop but can build certain Olympus models to spec in Greece. For more information on any customization project, please contact us by e-mail at:

What is the process for Warranty repairs?
Please initiate this process by contacting us at:

 How can I become a dealer for Olympus Guitars?
At this time, we are not considering applications from new dealers. Our model and pricing structure means that sales in Greece and worldwide will be made directly to the customer. In the future we may develop franchise opportunities

Don’t see your question/answer in the above list?

  • Need personal help figuring out what guitar models are best for you?
  • Having trouble locating a specific guitar model on our site?
  • Have a general question about Olympus Guitars of a model you can’t locate online?

We are glad to help with any of these questions and more. Please contact us to arrange personal consultation.

Shipping and Delivery

Do you ship outside of Greece?
Yes, we ship Olympus Custom Guitars worldwide.

How much will shipping my instrument cost?
Your address will be needed in order to calculate a shipping quote.

Will I have to pay a tax when ordering outside of Greece?
Yes, depending on your location, you may be required to pay national, regional, provincial or state taxes. You should contact your local shipping broker or import tax agent regarding the issue.


  • Your new Olympus Guitar has been built using the best components ‘born and raised’  in the mountains of the ancient gods ”OLYMPUS”.
  • Said warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.
  • If we determine that we need to evaluate your claim, we will issue an Olympus Authorization (RMA) number. This number should be displayed prominently on the return shipping box near the address. If an instrument arrives at our facility without an RMA, number it will be rejected.
  • All Olympus Custom instruments are unique and have their own technical characteristics.
  • This warranty does NOT cover the following:
  • Shipping costs either to or from our facilities; Damage caused during shipping; Normal wear and tear (particularly strings, frets and pickguards); Damage or breakage caused either by misuse or an overly aggressive playing style; Damage caused by inadequate storage; Damage caused by exposure to atmospheric fluctuations, in particular extreme temperature or humidity changes; Damage or breakage caused either by accident or an act of God; Sound quality or Tone
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