Johnny Prapas is a 40 year old amateur musician, professional luthier who has been involved with music for over 23 years with a passion for playing both acoustic and electric guitars.
His involvement in the construction of electrical instruments started over 20 years ago under the guidance and close instruction of John Harrison Guitars of England. There, he was introduced to the secrets of acoustic guitar construction and subsequently to the mastering of both electric guitars and basses. After spending several years working closely with the renowned instructor and friend, a deep desire to create his own guitars grew and the dream of Oympus Custom Guitars was realized as was the establishment of his own treasured workshop.

Greek Olive

The contest was set. The god or goddess that would be the protector of the newly built city in Attica (ancient Greece) and which the city would be named for would be the one that gave the people the most precious and divine gift. Poseidon struck his trident upon a rock. A salty spring was formed from the water that flowed from the rock. This spring symbolized the sea power that he gave to the people. Athena struck a rock with her spear and from this rock sprang the first olive tree. The olive tree symbolized fruitfulness and peace. The people chose Athena’s gift of the olive tree and her name was given to the city of Athens. From ancient times to present day, the olive tree is known for it’s oil, leaves, fruit and it’s wood. This greatest gift is available today beyond the imagination of the ancients. The “greatest gift to mankind” is available to you with Olympus Custom Guitars.


Douglas Fir

The tall, strong and majestic Douglas Fir is an iconic symbol of the birth place of so much the history of the music world. Many genres hale from the west coast of the United States and from the ranges of the Douglas Fir, spanning from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from California to British Columbia, Canada. If you picture a city, mountain or beach in this range a song often comes to mind, especially in the North West USA with so much music from the early days of Rock, the great songs born of the 80’s and 90’s and through to today. Many Native American stories tell us about this special tree. One of the stories from the Oregon area is of a great fire that the mice could not escape. The mice asked the trees for help but the maples, oaks, pines and other trees could not offer them safety. The Douglas Fir, reaching to the sky, with it’s tall fire resistant trunk allowed the mice to climb to the top
and hide in it’s cones. To the present day you can see the tails of the mice hiding in the cones of the Douglas Fir. The Douglas Fir, in actuality, is not a Fir tree. It has many traits in common with other trees, and it’s classification has been changed over 20 times. The Douglas Fir is in a class of it’s own. The wood is dense like a hardwood but grows faster like a softwood. The density and tighter grains, offers a straight and knot free wood that, when properly dried make it a superior wood for acoustic qualities. This historic and mighty tree is a sustainable source wood of Olympus Custom Guitars.



In Australia, there are “song lines” or paths created by ancient gods and heroes that traveled across the land building the sacred and mysterious sites we see today. As I sit and gaze out at the clouds flowing over the Blue Mountains in New South Wales with the waterfalls that feed the lush forest and the violent and gentle life within, my thoughts go to the Aboriginal peoples that tell their story. “Our beautiful world was created with the laws and the power, wisdom and intentions of our ancestral beings” it continues “We were here since time began. We come directly from the Dream Time of or ancient creators. We kept the Earth as it was in the first day.” It is clear to me that this place is part of us and we are part of this place. The paths that lead us are our “song lines”, our music comes directly from dream time, and we keep the Earth as it was. We welcome you to join our walk-about and look forward to building your Olympus Custom Guitar to play the music of the gods. We create our beautiful hand crafted guitars with power, wisdom and intention since time began. It’s the law of the gods.

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