” Johnny Prapas and his entirely hand made electric guitars. Johnny and the great Olympus Custom Guitars are located in Leptokarya Pierias, Greece and they are a huge proof that people’s dreams and willings are unbeatable. “


Olympus Custom Guitars( OCG), are handmade in Greece, using 100% unique, local woods from the foothills of the awe-inspiring Mt. Olympus, hence the name.
We aim to achieve quality instruments of the highest caliber with the utmost care given to their creation and the customer’s needs. Coupled with the best handmade Greek pickups (Nick Silver pickups), they will send musicians to unforeseen heights – in the close company of the 12 ancient Greek gods!
We offer two main lines of guitars – Custom build or Master build to suit all tastes and expenditures.
OCG provide both professional and amateur musicians alike with a unique experience and a distinctive guitar manufactured with exceptional care and dedication. These exclusive handmade instruments use only the finest Greek wood from the home of the 12 Gods.
Officially involved in the research and development of electric musical instruments since 2011 but actively involved for more than 10 years, the Olympus Custom Guitars Workshop (OCGW) has conducted varied experiments on electric instruments, intent on exploring, developing and improving the quality and sound of our instruments.
These instruments are 100% Greek and use only local wood. Bridges, pick-ups and humbuckers are also all 100% locally handmade.
OCGW has a unique philosophy and specific, strict guidelines in the making of outstanding, handmade guitars. Adopting both classic and their own unique designs in various calibres, these handmade guitars use 80% homegrown wood from Mt. Olympus, home of the ‘Gods’. An alternative, completely handmade instrument, set in stone as “the Law of the Gods!”
Is there really a difference? When you play a vintage solid body from the early days of Country or Rock N Roll, you immediately notice the difference from the new factory made guitars. When you play the solid body that has been played hard and often for many years, and it looks like it has it’s own story to tell, you can feel the rhythm and vibration pulse through your body as you play. As wood ages, not only does the moisture dry, but the woods natural resins begin to crystallize leaving pores in the grain open to enhance vibration. As any wooden instrument vibrates while being played, the grain and the molecules in the wood react to the vibration. This allows for a more complete performance. When wood is kiln dried, as it is in the “factory” process, the moisture content is removed but the woods natural resins have not had time to dry and crystalize. Many of these woods are also harvested in an unsustainable method and adversely affects the eco-system where they are sourced. Olympus Custom Guitars are made ONLY of selected woods such as aged Greek Olive and aged Douglas Fir, that have been slowly and naturally cured for Many decades or longer, allowing the grains, molecules and pores to react and perform as only they can to produce the music of the gods.

Johnny Prapas is personally involved selecting, cutting and processing the woods that will create the music of the gods as your Olympus Custom Guitar. This is the law of the gods.

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